An illustration collaboration project between 8 international artists.​​​​​​​

Cover Art
The project began as an independent backburner project, inspired by a friend's self-published artbook. The artists were recruited through social media, and we began brainstorming.
Example pages. Work of Henri Eskelinen, Armin Solderer and Vimes shown.
The project's theme went through many phases, from a brawl comic between Pantheons to gods surviving in a modern day environment.

In the end we chose depicting gods and creatures of norse mythology.
From left to right: Yggdrasil (the World Snake), Einherjar (dwellers of Valhalla), Ymir (the World Giant)
Henri Eskelinen 2018
The zine was later sold at Helsinki Comics Festival, and will make rounds at the participating artists local Cons.
Project Lead, Design & Layout by Henri Eskelinen

Armin Solderer / Italy
Robert Shaffer / Chicago, USA
Eve Lakso / Helsinki, Finland
Fernando Vega / Bronx, USA
Vimes / London, UK
Henri Eskelinen / Helsinki, Finland
Ella / Finland
Mark Jakubowski / Albuquerque, USA
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